How to Quit Your Job (Even When You're Scared Out of Your Mind)

Start your side-hustle with the support of a Mentor so you can get freedom from the annoying boss at your 9-5!

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The OHY Entrepreneurship Academy Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World... The Question Is, Are YOU Next?"

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  • A guide on How to find the right products by identifying trends so you can start selling (£250 Value)
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  • How to Finance and Structure your company (£100 Value)
  • How to Design your Website for Conversions (£350 Value)
  • Bonus: Training on Social Media Marketing (Including running Facebook & Google Ads) (£300 Value)
  • How to Scale Your Business from start up to household name (£300 Value)
  • How to Outsource segments of your Business for more Time-Freedom (£200 Value)
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FROM: The Founders

  • Do you have an idea that you want to monetise online but just not sure where to get started?
  • Do you want to create a side hustle you could scale into a full-time business?
  • Do you want to fire your boss to work for yourself?

Your brand whether that be a product or monetization of a personal brand has the ability to change someone’s life.

The impact that the right product can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable. The result of consistent orders can help you create a new income stream, allow you to have an additional holiday, save for early retirement, save for a property help to save for a wedding and more…


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But only if you know how to get it into the hands of the people who have a demand for your product…

  • Secret 1: Everything the school curriculum failed to teach you (how to sell, how to make an impact, how to overcome failure and how to negotiate)
  • Secret 2: How to set up a business
  • Secret 3: How to find products to resale online & how to scale your online e-commerce website business
  • Secret 4: Get access to over 50+ Most Profitable Niches in the World Cheat Sheet to go out and start selling and generating profits 🙂
  • FREE BONUS: Top Tips on How to Make money Off-line fast (sometimes you just need that extra $250 to re-invest in business or spend on whatever ?)
  • FREE BONUS: Weekly Email Update, Video Content on Key Topics to Start Scale and Maximise Profits in your business, Book Reviews, Assignments, Discounted Course Offers, Information on How to Grow your Instagram Following and different routes of Monetisation, How to write a Business Plan to secure Funding, How to Read a Financial Statement, Money Management 101, Mindset and Failure Management and the Importance of Mediating when Building Business.
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