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They often say, if you have a big vision you have to have a team and The Out Hustle You Entrepreneurship Academy is no different. There is no way we could make an impact and help to transform thousands of lives without the support of a core team. The Out Hustle You Entrepreneurship Academy collaborates with mentors, industry experts and external companies to bring the best talent and support to budding entrepreneurs to turn their passion and ideas into profit. Some of our Mentors who join our video conferences are below. Hover over each image to learn more about them.


Chris attended the London School of Economics and worked his way up the corporate ladder to Director Level as Head of Sales. Chris has been trained in sales by Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street movie was based off him). C­­hris has extensive skills in closing sales, managing projects and understanding the psychology of the customer having conducted extensive research on Body Language, Copywriting and NLP.


Franklin is one of the biggest sneakers (trainers) bloggers in the UK, writing on all things trainers at www.kingdomoftrainers.com. He was one of the first individuals to get over 100K followers on Instagram as @kingoftrainers. Franklin has delivered a TEDx talk, ‘A Social Media Mind’. Franklin is the go-to person for lessons they do not teach in school when it comes to Blogging, growing an online brand and monetising social media successfully.


Dean is a self-made property entrepreneur. He has always believed in the concept of standing on the shoulders of giants and invested heavily in his property education and mentorship from Rob Moore. Off the back of leveraging his mentorship experience he has enjoyed the success of buying his first property in London by the age of 24 and is now financially independent thanks to property.


Maaret is the go-to person when it comes to understanding the customer journey. With a background in business management and sales Maaret comes with experience from organisations such as Accenture and Atos but also as a Consultant working for herself helping companies create and improve the customer journey and revenue targets.

Miss Carly Jay

Miss Carly Jay and on Instagram as @misscarliay_healthyliving is a well-known influencer in the fitness niche. Carly has lost over 140lbs in 2 years and has documented her journey using Instagram. Nowadays Carly is busy impacting numerous people’s life’s who wish to live healthier. Carly has managed to secure sponsorships, conduct brand partnership campaigns and get paid to post for numerous fitness brands. When it comes to Personal Branding, you can count on Carly.



Miranda is the Founder of MARKA, she is a professional Marketer and has helped brands online, blue-chip corporates such as Raffingers, Commerzbank and Wind Energy. She really knows her stuff! Every business needs strategic marketing campaigns year-round to raise awareness and drum up sales. Marketing and Sales goes hand in hand and this is why Miranda is core to our team at the Outhustleyou Entrepreneurship Academy.

Dexter, Mentor & COO

Dexter is a self-made entrepreneur who managed to successfully learn from working in a car rental business how to start his own business. Dexter has grown a huge fleet boasting over 30 cars and has used profits from one business to create numerous others. Some of his main successes have come from Cars, Property and Amazon FBA. On Amazon he is a successful seller with his own store which allows him to have time and money combined.


Adrian is the Founder of Aviena Media, he has helped numerous brands build their online presence and drive profitable ROI through social media marketing primarily using Facebook paid traffic & Facebook bots. He established his own Social Media Agency managing client adverts on Facebook & Instagram. SMMA is a low-cost business to get started and Adrian brings his knowledge to OHY Academy for the benefit of our mentees.


Dominic is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Dominic has investments in Ecommerce, the Entertainment industry, Car rentals and Property. His background was originally in law but always felt passionate about business and serving others. Dominic provides consultancy to businesses on social media marketing, growing their mailing list & creating sales funnels. Dominic founded the OHY Entrepreneurship Academy having dreamt about supporting others in business for years and understanding the benefits of multiple streams of income.

Interested In Becoming A Mentor?

We are always looking for interesting and dynamic people entrepeuners to join OHY. If you thinkthis is you, subcribe now for more information on how to become a mentor.