How to make £100k through a 9-5 in your 20’s!

Where the Millennial generation ends, Generation Z begins. Young people are being more and more influenced by the “all that glitters” lifestyle of self-employment also know as Entrepreneurship, compared to that of a potentially “subpar” traditional 9-5. The idea of “quick money” and “freedom” seems like an attractive deal in the day and age of creating your own healthy work life balance but what if you was told you can make over £100k in your 20s by working a 9-5? As ludicrous as that may sound and the idea of living the 40/40/40 plan, where you work 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life to retire on only 40% of your basic salary, automatically sends a rush of anxiety through you; but working a 9-5 isn’t as mundane as it seems.

Whilst the Out Hustle You Academy encourages Entrepreneurship, we know that it isn’t the route for all. Forget all the cons that you associate with the 9-5 (the annoying alarm clock every morning, sitting at your desk and staring at a screen all day, office politics, etc. etc.… yes, some of us know it all too well), there are a number of pro’s that also come with a 9-5; stability, company benefit packages, incentives, just to name a few. For some, securing a 9-5 could be one of the best decisions you could make for your future, if done properly.

And here are some of the professionals that could potentially secure you that £100k a year salary in your 20’s!

Career: Dental Technician

What is a Dental Technician?

A Dental Technician (sometimes referred to as a Dental Technologist) makes the dentures, crowns, bridges and dental braces that improve patients’ appearance, speech and ability to chew. Working to dentist’ or doctors’ prescriptions, technicians/technologists use a wide range of materials such as gold, porcelain and plastic to design and construct appliances to meet each patient’s needs. This craft can also be used for the design of oral fashion accessories such as the increasingly popular grills, which are made from gold.

How do I get into this field?

To work as a dental technician/dental technologist, you must be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). To register, you will need to have successfully completed a GDC-approved course. GDC-recognised courses lead to qualifications such as the BTEC National Diploma in Dental Technology, (for entry to which you will normally be required to have at least four GCSEs at grade C or above or the equivalent), a foundation degree (in which case you’ll normally need to be employed in a trainee dental technician role) or a BSc (Hons) degree in dental technology (for which A-levels or equivalent qualifications are usually required).

You can take the BTEC National Diploma or foundation degree course on a full-time basis or by obtaining a post as a trainee dental technician and taking the course part time. BSc (Hons) degrees are usually full-time at a university/dental school.

Just like with a number of other professions, experience is always helpful when securing a role, so applying for internships (finding a paid one is always a bonus but many require you to work for free, but it will be worth in the end).

Investment Cost/Return?

£15k for University Degree

Return on Investment?

£150k a year Permanent Salary and Consultancy running your own practice £500 per day.

Career: ISDA Negotiator

What is an ISDA Negotiator?

The term ISDA stands for ‘International Swaps and Derivatives Association.’ An ISDA negotiator plays a key part in arranging agreements under which two parties can trade derivatives.  Derivatives and other financial products are commonly traded on Exchanges, but they’re also traded in direct relationships between banks, funds and corporations.

What do i need to do to become an ISDA Negotiator?

Although studying a degree in Law, Finance or Economics is essential, there are a number of short courses designed specifically to help understand ISDA documentation as well as negotiation training courses.

Again, applying for internships will also put you in good stead when applying for future roles.

Investment Cost/Return?

£12-25k for a university degree and Legal Practice Course with further training courses ranging from as small as £200 to £1,800.

Return on Investment?

A permanent role for 2 years can then lead on to contract work at a daily rate of £400-1000, if done for 4-6 years in the industry = £500 x 21 days per month = £10,500 x 12 months of the year Consulting in a Law Firm/Bank = £126,000.

Career: Project Manager

What is a Project Manager?

This career path is pretty self-explanatory; a Project Manager is the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.

How do i get my foot in the door?

Whilst it is recommended that a university degree in Business Management is preferred, a role like this can be secured with an A-Level or equivalent in Business Management and plenty experience! Experience plays a fundamental part in this role as it is down to how successful a project has been run by you, the Project Manager. This again may involve getting work experience via internships or work as a junior PM, for a period of time.

Investment Cost/ Return?

£12-25k for College or University Degree

Return on Investment?

For the first 2 years a permanent role will earn you roughly 30-45k, the ultimate goal for many PM’s and a number of other professions is to become a contractor where you are “9-5’ing” essentially but in a more tax efficient way and essentially self-employed and not PAYE.  Average PMO Analyst/Project Manager day rate is £400-600 per day. Check online recruitment sites and register for job roles. Average earnings £90-100k per year.

The examples above are just a scratch on the surface of the many 9-5 professions available, which can see you earning a relatively higher income and “Out Hustle” the system so to speak. The benefits will earn you a good living wage, capable of allowing you to maintain a good lifestyle of your preference, invest into property, stocks, cryptocurrency or a business but also change your perception of what a 9-5 is!

The Out Hustle You Academy have a number of mentors available along with further information that could help you on your career journey, so why not sign up with us today!

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